Old Scotch Ale

Wading through the waters
Of the roaring sea
Creaking boards, full-blown sails
Abandoned pirates' ship

And on the lower deck
Hell what the heck
Loaded with precious freight
Barrels of old
Yes full of gold
Of Amber old Scotch ale

On the ship without a crew
Yet not fully unmanned
A pack of mice rolling the dice
Climbing a cask of ale

After poor sot Jim went for a swim
Into the amber pond
Now came the day for old Dale
So let his tale unfold

Drinking all day old Dale's old ale

On the quest not like the rest
He won't wind up cold
Still strong and slim fast on the rim
Reaching for the gold

He tastes the ale so sweet and nice
There slips his little paw
He joins the rest of ale-drowned mice
And that folks that's all

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