Better Place

Sleep is good, death is better, but of course,
the best would be never to have been born at all.
Is this a sad fact of existence? Or are we yet again being
deceived by our mind, the great illusionist?

Yes, the demons are back, stronger then ever.
They meet us unprepared and uncompromising.
But so does insight, illuminating the obvious yet
unexpected truth. There is more to life than meets the eye.

Having no clue, what’s going on
Dreadful illness possessed me
Fight with demons, pills killed them all
Felt much better, I can soar
And I Thought, didn't need them anymore
Terrible mistake, I didn't know
Demons are black, demons are back

Nowhere to run ,nowhere to hide
ndless black void engulfs me
Vile fucking demons out of the dark
crawling inside my head
Looking with my clouded dim eyes
One final act before me
Shine little spark tear down the dark
Brighter, faster, stronger

Nothing can help me now to get rid of them
They're still here, in my mind and in my head
Being hopeless, desperate
No reason to stay longer for
Taking my last chance
I'm ready for some better place to go

But A Dream
Frozen Nowhere
Welcome Home
Rider Of Doom
Sacred Ground
Shining Bright
Death Walks Around
Blissful End Of Hope
Better Place