Whisky King II

Hear the story of my
Fellow sailormen
Who journeyed 'cross the roaring ocean
Through the night and day

Freed the wretched sober men
Who lost their spirit zest
They sang and drank
'Cause that's what they did best

On towards a new horizon
Did we sail
To find the land of free
And the whisky grail

In the dark of night
The devil took form
We heard his eerie laughter
As we sailed into the storm

As the storm moved on
Followed by a clear day
I found myself alive
Bit bruised but still ok

No sign of the ship
No sign of the crew
Washed up on a desert island
On a casks of brew

The devil spared my life
Got me something to drink
Brothers here's to you
Now I'm the whisky king

On this dreamy island
A gem to behold
The journey's yet to start
Fare to the netherworld

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