Return To Planet Beer

Lonely heart you've been
Down and alone
But never mind that right now
You will take control

Come in and have a seat
Got something that you need
A spirit of the old

On these days
You'll be rushing inside
Just take the time now
And put your hand into mine

I will be your guiding light
End to your inner fight
The spring of your soul

Time has come
Return to Planet Beer

Just in case you'll get worried
That drinking beer can make you feel sick
Now, it's been said by dr. Samanek
That drinking is good for your health

Just take heed of his advice
And drink no more than two beers a day
But drink on a regular basis
five to seven days a week, ok?

Time has come
To return to the Planet of Beer
Let's drink responsible, there's nothing wonderful
About being wasted every day of the year

The fabric of space and time
Restored once again
The power of the stars, the universe at hand
Awaiting your command

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